Preview Art

As each piece arrives, a photo of it will be added here. Each photo links to ABFFE’s Flickr site, which allows you to view various sizes and read the descriptions — art title, artist, media, size, book title, publisher, pub date, etc. We don’t yet know which ones will appear in the online auction or the auction at BEA. We have a team of savvy, knowledgeable and seasoned booksellers coming in to help decide. Click here for some of the art for the Maurice Sendak Memorial.


Jane Mount framed david small frame jon agee framed Lynne Avril - Amelia Bedelia framed francesca buchko framed Axel Rangel - Little Prince framed Paul Zelinsky - Z is for Moose unused FRAMED Courtney Pippin-Mathur - Maya the Elephant FRAMED Airlie Anderson - Clyde's Day Off FRAMED Madonna Davidoff - FRAMED Vicky Rubin - FRAMED Giselle Potter FRAMED Elizabeth Schoonmaker FRAMED Judy Schachner FRAMED Duncan Tonatiuh FRAMED Anna Dewdney 2 FRAMED caroline arnold FRAMED Lynne Rae Perkins FRAMED Jennifer thermes - helen keller FRAMED Jennifer Thermes - No Moose FRAMED Cherie Zamazing FRAMED Wendy Watson - Bunnies - FRAMED Maira Kalman FRAMED Molly FRAMED Alenka Sottler FRAMED Tracey Pearson - Bob FRAMED Alexandra Boiger - FRAMED Hassan Ameken FRAMED Gilbert Ford FRAMED Joshua Brunet FRAMED Ramsey Beyer FRAMED Sujean Rim FRAMED Donna Misken FRAMED Ken Lamug FRAMED Hyewon Yum FRAMED Christian Robinson FRAMED John Stadler FRAMED Chris Sickels FRAMED Katherine Tillotson FRAMED Lauren Castillo FRAMED  Lemniscates FRAMED Alexis Frederick-Frost FRAMED Kristine Lucco FRAMED Dan Yaccarino FRAMED McMullan FRAMED Elisa Kleven FRAMED Tad Hills FRAMED Cristina Amodeo FRAMED Wendell Minor FRAMED Peter Brown FRAMED Diane deGroat FRAMED Tom Lichtenheld FRAMED Aileen Leijten FRAMED Bethanie Murguia FRAMED Stephan Pastis FRAMED William Low FRAMED Paul Schmidt FRAMED Max Xiantu FRAMED Emily Arnold McCully 1 Emily Arnold McCully 2 Don Brown FRAMED Smiljana Coh 1 FRAMED Smiljana Coh 2 FRAMED Smiljana Coh 3 FRAMED Lisa Brown FRAMED Loren Long FRAMED Jon Davis FRAMED Steve Jenkins FRAMED Matthew Cordell FRAMED Brianne Farley FRAMED Paul Pope FRAMED Steven Guarnacci FRAMED Tom Angelberger FRAMED Matt Tavares FRAMED Betsy Lewin 1 FRAMED Betsy Lewin 2 FRAMED Ted Lewin 1 FRAMED Ted Lewin FRAMED Frane Lessac FRAMED David Goldin FRAMED Jeremy Holmes FRAMED  Carey Armstrong-Ellis FRAMED Melissa Guion FRAMED  Meilo So FRAMED David Soman FRAMED Daniel Kirk FRAMED Colleen Madden 3 FRAMED John Bemelmans Marciano FRAMED Lane Smith FRAMED

Maurice Sendak Memorial

Maurice Sendak ORIGINAL

Ruth Sanderson - Sendak Memorial FRAMEDDeborah Freedman - Sendak Memorial FRAMED

Wendy Watson - Sendak - FRAMED

Tracey Pearson FRAMED

Zachariah Ohora FRAMED

Liza Woodruff FRAMED

Colleen Madden FRAMED

Bruce Degen FRAMED

Rosalind Bonnet FRAMED

Kelly Light FRAMED

Colleen Madden - Sendak FRAMED


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